Kevin Carr presents a program called, My Grandfather's Fiddle, consisting of fiddle tunes, bagpipe melodies, songs and stories from Ireland, Quebec, Galicia and other green places. He'll be playing fiddle, banjo, uilleann pipes, Scottish smallpipes and Galician Gaita (bagpipes).  

Grandfather's Fiddle was an elusive instrument, a legend in Kevin's family, which he tried to get ahold of for many years. During that whole time he was also traveling and collecting music and lore from far flung places around the world, following his imagination and luck into just the right places at just the right times. It took him many years to realize that he was never going to find his grandfather's fiddle, but that he had already found his grandfather's music.

Kevin Carr has played fiddle and pipes and told stories for thirty years, at fiddle and dance camps and on stages, at festivals and in schools across the USA and in Canada, and Europe.

Here's more bio info from Kevin's website (translated to 3rd person)

Kevin tells stories and plays traditional folk instruments. From the Fillmore West to the Oregon Country Fair, from the former Soviet Union to Spain, from Alaska to Mexico, he has traveled to play with and learn from traditional musicians, to gather stories to share and to connect with folks through the ecstatic medium of music. He does solo shows such as "The Other Pipes - exotic and little known Bagpiping traditions of the World", " Stories from the Musical Realms - Concerning Inspiration and the Music between the Notes", "My Grandfather's Fiddle " "Fiddle Fables - Stories by and about Fiddlers" with tunes appropriate and appropriated. For more details on these shows see the Shows page on his website.

Kevin also plays with various groups

Wake the Dead - Intergalactic Roots Music  (formerly, the world's only all star grateful dead celtic jam band).  Sylvia Herold and Paul Kotapish from Euphonia are other WTD members who have played at Auburn House Concerts.

Hillbillies from Mars - traditional Dance music from mars, America, Ireland, Scotland, Galicia, and points East , South , West and North.

Les Tetes de Violon French Canadian fiddle music - the finest kind.

Winter's Carol,  with Men of Worth -  Holiday Shows in the Gaelic Spirit (Solstice and St. Pat's)

Verdegaio - I play with Alexandre Cadarso and Javier Blanco  from Galicia whenever I get the chance; when they are in North America or I am in Spain or Ireland. Galician Music - pure and simple. And Grand.

Charanga Big band music from Galicia, with pipes, sax, accordion and lots o drums.

Kevin Carr
My Grandfather’s Fiddle
What the Critics Say

"Kevin Carr is one terrific musician: fiddles, bagpipes, whistles, drums, you name it. He also has one of the most engaging stage presences I have ever seen. As long as he doesn't start playing the harp, I should be okay." Patrick Ball, September 28, 2011, unsolicited advice.

" Storytelling is becoming a lost art. Kevin Carr is one of its most skilled practitioners. When he tells stories and plays music, children and adults are entranced, and magic happens."—Kacy McClure, Former Director of Peninsula School.

"With twinkling eyes and a wry smile, Kevin carries his listeners along on many magical journeys with his art of storytelling and music.  Masterfully weaving his tales with his various pipes and fiddles, Kevin opens our ears, minds, and hearts to the music between the notes."— Jean Gibson-Gorrindo, November 15, 2010, Dance Caller, Community Music Organizer.

“Kevin created a magical, whimsical and wonderful evening that transported us into other times and dimensions. We laughed, cried and felt a part of his creations. I loved his story telling and felt captivated and entranced and entertained in the best sense of the word. What a great imagination! And his bagpipe playing...riveting, and moving. The evening he gave us was truly one of the most enjoyable performances I have ever experienced.”—Bonnie Berg

Listen to His Music and Stories
Performance: Saturday
September 15, 2012,
7:00 PM