Leftover Dreams is Patrice Haan and Tony Marcus singing gems of the great American songbook with stunning harmonies and burnished accompaniment. Tony Marcus is a veteran of such groups as Cats & Jammers and the Cheap Suit Serenaders and plays guitar with style and wit while singing in a voice that has been called "The definition of mellifluous" (Derk Richardson in The Express). Patrice Haan’s voice has been described as a "velvety alto/tenor" (Kerry Parker in the Folknik), and her intimate delivery of lyrics never fails to reach audiences. Often performing with Jeff Sanford on reeds, the group presents a sampling of the best of the classic songs of Rodgers & Hart, the Gershwins, Harold Arlen and such mixed with lesser known delights that haven’t seen the light of day for decades. As for the playing, "Marcus spins out dazzling and emotionally evocative solos" (Derk Richardson again).

We'll Take Romance, the second CD by San Francisco Bay Area duo Leftover Dreams, further explores the backroads of American popular song between the two world wars, with a goodly number of songs that didn't make it to hit status, but nonetheless have that certain something that makes them stand out. The duet is ably assisted on some numbers by Jim Rothermel and Jeff Sanford on reeds and Rene Worst and Bing Nathan on string bass.

Well known songwriters of the day such as Duke Ellington, Harold Arlen, Johnny Mercer, Oscar Hammerstein and Jimmy Van Heusen all contribute songs, but so do some more obscure songsmiths like Bernice Petkere, Ted Fiorito and Ben Oakland. The numbers range from the uptempo swing of Just In Time to the sultry latin feel of Close Your Eyes and the .. well .. sentimental sounds of In a Sentimental Mood.

This collection shows the music much as it would be performed live, without extensive studio processing. If you enjoy great songs well sung with imaginative arrangements and superb accompaniment you should check out We'll Take Romance!

Leftover Dreams is the title of their first CD on the Tuxedo label. Featured on the CD are Bill Napier on clarinet and Bing Nathan on string bass. From the start of his career, Bill Napier was one of the most original clarinet players around. Though originally from Asheville, North Carolina, he began playing with traditional jazz bands such as Bob Scobey and Turk Murphy after he moved to the San Francisco bay area in the 1940s. His style avoids stylistic cliches, however, and his playing sounded new and interesting in whatever musical context it appeared. He died in May, 2003, and we believe that Leftover Dreams was his last recording session.

Bing Nathan has been a fixture in the bay area music scene for close to forty years. He's played everything from surf music to western swing on his trusty string bass. Always eager to play, he adds a lot to the CD.

Here's a capsule review by Richard Hadlock, author of Jazz Masters of the Twenties, and host of the radio show The Annals of Jazz: "Good songs sung well with pleasing accompaniment and fine harmonies-almost a forgotten art. Singers Patrice Haan and Tony Marcus (also an ace guitarist) do something unusual: they treat often neglected popular songs with respect, restraint and unerring good taste—sans ring-a-ding, scoobie doobie or premeditated histrionics. Perhaps there IS hope!"

Kevin Russell, host of Down From the Mountain on KRCB-FM, gives this radio review: "Tony Marcus and Patrice Haan have created a warm, intimate, entertaining and engaging piece of work in this new CD. Gorgeous vocals, thoughtful arrangements, and superb swinging instrumental accompaniment all blend seamlessly with the familiar and not-so-familiar jazz standards. Leftover Dreams is simply a gem!"

Leftover Dreams
What the Critics Say

"It's so refreshing to hear a project this highly musical...it wears well and made me want to play it again. People forget they can be knocked out by a soft touch."
—Richard Hadlock, Berkeley, CA

"Your 'Dreams' are fabulous! I've just listened to the CD for the fourth time; it gets better and better as I discover its subtleties. Sometimes your voices are pitched so closely it's hard to tell who is singing which line, and then Tony will drop to basso profundo (always astounding) or soar into the stratosphere. Patrice, your sound is so velvety. The programming seems just right in variations of timing and mood, from profundity and nostalgia to high kicking. The alternation of solos (both vocal and instrumental) keeps up the momentum. The program notes are charming and the photos irresistable! Everything works. Congratulations!"
—Nikki Dillon, S.F.

"Your voices are like velvet on velvet. like you were born to sing together. it's like one big slow dance where emotions are oozing. of course, I love the minimal production. your playing knocks me out. them aren't easy tunes to take solos on OR, for that matter, to just play back up. choice of tunes just lovely. I believe we have a winner here, Bob. A match made in heaven. Thank you for sharing. I am slow dancing my way around the house today."
—Mary Flower

"Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your CD. Great singing and playing, of course, but it has a real nice feel and focus all the way through. Really liked the "organic" sound of the accompaniment too—guitar, bass, fiddle, & Bill and especially the two voices, one guitar material. Makes perfect sense. 'It Shouldn't Happen to a Dream' is a special fave. Tony, I've heard you for years, but don't think I've ever heard you play much of that fine finger-style guitar. Didn't know you did much of it but, boy howdy, there you are! Very good stuff done so well! I hope it sells a million, you guys deserve it!"
—Dix Bruce, Oakland CA

"Leftover Dreams revels in luscious ballads, with the occasional Fats Waller foot-tapper thrown in for variety. They have been particularly successful in developing a far-ranging repertoire to fit the distinctive, emotionally suggestive combination of Haan's slightly dry, throaty voice and Marcus' smooth, plummy tones. The album gives a good sense of their taste, juxtaposing oft-covered standards ('Teach Me,' 'Tonight' and 'You Don't Know What Love Is') with obscure tunes by well-known composers (Harry Warren's 'I Know Why and So Do You' and Frankie Laine's 'We'll Be Together Again'), all of which are enlivened by spare, harmonically cagey arrangements."
—Andrew Gilbert, San Jose Mercury News

"I absolutely love the disc. Imagine the strange looks from passersby and neighbours as they look in our window and see man, wife and two young boys dancing 'en famille' to Leftover Dreams every evening. The CD also captures the sound and essence of your live performance better than any other disc I own. Well done."
—Chris Grantham, Vancouver, B.C.

"Being able to see what a phenomenal swing guitarist [Tony Marcus] is up close and personal was a real treat. He is amazing! And Patrice is so engaging and pretty on stage. It's really fun to watch the interaction between them. Their voices compliment each other so well and the choice of material is great. I was really marveling at how much research they do and how knowledgeable they are. If you get a chance to see Leftover Dreams I HIGHLY recommend it. Especially if you want to impress a date."
—Jayme Kelly Curtis, San Jose CA

"You two was H O T !!! Sorry I didn't get a chance to tell Patrice that she SENT me ! & I also have to say thanks for 'Teach Me Tonight' a song I probably fell in love with from Brenda Lee's version. It is WAY too under-sung. And Laurie went positively Ape-Shit over 'Moon River,' undeniably one of the best songs written in the past 30 years."
—Mugg Muggles, Berkeley CA

"We wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how much we enjoyed last night. It was such a truly rich evening. While the music was every bit what we had hoped for, there was just so much more to the performance. The chemistry between you two made for one of the most romantic musical experiences we have ever encountered. And while we don't feel in need of marital therapy, a little booster rocket never hurts any relationship. Patrice, you are a truly engaging actress—so expressive, so fluid ('languid' comes to mind but is a far too risky word to use, what with your husband lurking so near.) I sure do love your voice, Tony. 'A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square' , the first piece you had ever sung together, was simply the highlight of the evening. Your lyrical collaboration and Tony's guitar—gives me shivers just to think about it."
—Roger & Donna Brinton, Redwood City

"Patrice, you looked *so* radiant...and, often, in profile, like Emmy Lou Harris...just drop dead gorgeous in your silvery halo. The new material is great, your vocal interactions with Tony right on, your nuances and interpretations...the timing of your phrasing against the guitar's rhythms...you keep getting better and better...do more funny ones!!! You are so good at 'droll' and 'nudge, nudge, wink, wink'! And, there it is...there it was...ephemeral and fleeting...welcomed with open arms by your intimate Freight family...in this coarse, crass, commercialized, youth-oriented culture whatchew gonna do with the gem that you are? Well, make another recording, of course! Hooray!"
—Kerry Parker, S.F. CA

"How happy I was to have you as such an important part of the wedding. You exceeded my fondest hopes and expectations by a wide margin. I knew you'd deliver musically—and you did, in spades—but you added an additional element of class, style and grace to the entire event. It's one thing to have a band that 'plays some standards,' but you brought a unique and wonderful flavor."
—Joe Parsons, Oakland CA

Performance: Saturday
May 4, 2013, 7:00 PM