Legacy has drawn the enthusiastic attention of Irish traditional music fanatics all across the South and Southwest for over ten years. Drawing its members from some of the most respected traditional musicians in the country, these talented multi-instrumentalists perform energetic, complex arrangements of traditional Irish music at its best!

Valerie Plested:  Fiddle, Vocals

Don Penzien:       Guitar, Whistles, Bodhrán

Justin Murphy:   Flute, Vocals, Whistles, Guitar, Bodhrán

Performance date to be determined.
What the Critics Say

“This is a superb Celtic trad-like release and comes very highly recommended.” — Griffin, CD Spectrum

“[T]here's nothing like discovering new talent... and this band fits the bill; there are strong performances from every quarter.” — Steve Winick, Dirty Linen Magazine

“[A]nother example of how much better independent music can be, made for the love of the music.” — eFolkMusic.com

The CD Navan received a very favorable review from Steve Winick in Dirty Linen Magazine. You can read the full review online.

Listen to Their Music

The Kill Set, Auburn House Concert 2008

Mary and the Soldier, Auburn House Concert 2008