“I first saw Michael Mullen on the stage at the Starry Plough in Berkeley in the year 2000. It was a Tempest concert, and the music had me on my feet dancing the entire time. Michael’s energy was boundless, jumping up and down on stage, and running down into the crowd, all the while playing fast and furious on his fiddle. I was mesmerized. It was not long after that I dusted off my childhood violin and began learning Irish jigs and reels myself.


Since then I have had the good fortune to play in sessions with Michael and to hear him at various times with Tempest, Caliban and Greenbridge. Jaya and I asked him to play for our wedding ceremony in 2004 (we walked down the aisle to Sour Grass and Granite). Now we are bringing Michael to Auburn for all our friends to hear. We know you will enjoy this talented fiddler as much as we do.”—Sharon Carl


Stepping out on his own, bringing you foot-stomping fiddle tunes and stirring songs with solo performances you won’t soon forget. Performing by himself on violin, guitar, and voice, Michael can create a huge sound, building from a single instrument up to a finish that is almost orchestral in it's power. Fiddle--Guitar--Voice. Michael is a Trio Of One.

Melanie O'Reilly and Sean O'Nuallain, who played Auburn House Concerts in 2007 and 2009, appear as guest artists on the Rights of Man track on Michael Mullen's CD, Fiddler's Creed. Michael writes: Jazzy versions of this tune have been recorded before—it seems to lend itself to that—but this is a string jazz 'Hot Club of County Clare' take on it.

Michael Mullen
Trio Of One
Performance: Sunday
July 21, 2013, 3:00 PM
What the Critics Say

Fiddler Michael Mullen blows the crowd away with his ‘hot fiddle’ renditions...Manteca Bulletin, August 2011.

Fiddle player Michael Mullen got the crowd up and on it's feet yesterday at the Camp Stage of the Philadelphia Folk FestivalPhiladelphia Inquirer, August 1999.

Michael Mullen's fiddle solo on ‘For Three Of Us’ is a real standout.”Jim Chokey, 2005.

'Mullen's "Slippery Slide" is a muscular guitar workout that brings to mind late '70s Jethro Tull with a killer fiddle in the mix'Bill Chaisson, Dirty Linen Magazine, August 2006.

Mullen is a versatile playerConrad L. Stinnett, Goldmine, March 2006.

American fiddler Michael Mullen tweaks the traditional Northern European sound with heavy modern electric amplification and funky rock improvisation a la '70s jam bands like Jethro Tull and the Allman Brothers.”Frank Zeccola, The San Francisco Observer, April 2004.

You will be “...hard-pressed to find anyone to play the violin with as much piss & vinegar as Michael Mullen.Mark Tinta – Glass Eye: June Review, Toledo Ohio, 2 May 2000.

Michael has been described as a "fiddle demon" (Progression, Winter/Spring 1998); his playing and performance as "energetic" (YAKIMA(Washington) HERALD-REPUBLIC Friday, March 24, 2000), "virtuoso" (Dayton Voice September 17-23, 1998), "hyper" (Progression, Winter/Spring 1998), and "manic" (Anil Prasad Dirty Linen Magazine, June/July 2004).

Listen to His Music

Michael’s his Facebook page and the a special A Trio Of One tour Facebook page.

Michael’s ReverbNation site contains audio and video clips.

Michael also has a new YouTube site with several videos, some samples below.