Patrice Haan has an ear for melody, a heart for feelings and a gift for lyrics.

Best known for her sultry and seductive vocal performances with Tony Marcus in the Oakland-based jazz ensemble Leftover Dreams, Patrice Haan is increasingly being recognized for her songwriting. Her tunes are often described as beautiful, gorgeous, poetic and evocative, healing our souls and our heartache with the palpable love and the poetry of the music. 

Following the release of her initial CD Headed Home (2005),  Patrice began playing therapeutic music with Healing Muses, a non-profit that provides music in local hospitals. Patrice’s music works towards healing by approaching the emotional truth of a story. 

She has just completed a second album entitled Bluest Blue.  Suffused with lakes and the sea, half of the collection of song-paintings features harp and voice, and half showcases piano and voice. Intuitive and poetic, Bluest Blue represents a broad spectrum of styles from meditative tone poems to jazzy blues and swing, featuring such players as Rene Worst (bass), Jeff Sanford (saxophone), Tony Marcus (guitar), Jennifer Scott (piano), Shira Kammen (vielle), David Morris (viola da gamba), Julian Smedley (violin), Dan Reiter (cello), and Brian Rice (percussion).

Tony Marcus website.

Patrice Haan website.

Patrice Haan    harper / singer / songwriter
What the Critics Say

“Her singing holds the listener with the song.” — Richard Brandenburg

“Patrice is the rare [songwriter] who gets past my analytical faculties and grabs me by the heart with  her work.”— Bob Franke

Musician and Writer Tony Marcus is one of America's greatest musical treasures. Marcus is a masterful Jazz guitarist, violinist, writer and arranger. He is also a wonderful vocalist with impeccable rhythm. Marcus is a steward of all that is good from the swing Jazz era with none of the cheese so many people try to cash in on.—Victor Johnson (guitarist from Django’s Cadiillac and solo performer

I have been listening to your CD in my car and really enjoying it. It makes me feel like I am in the room with you guys playing and I can curl up by a fireplace with a cup of tea and enjoy this live music in the moment.
Your voice is among the most unique and distinctive ones I have heard, those resonant bass tones counter to the reedy higher pitches. And your style is so enjoyable, when you sing a chorus it's like going along on a fun little ride where you never know what to expect, but always feels great … kind of like surfing, but with changes and meaningful words. That's jazz singing! I love all the tunes—great CD.—Melissa Collard (Melissa is a wonderful jazz singer with a CD of her own)

Tony Marcus singing is the definition of mellifluous.—Derk Richardson (in The East Bay Express)

Phenomenal abdominal subliminal, agreeable, unforeseeable, impeccable and that's no ble!—Nova Karina Devonie

Performance: Friday
November 4, 2011, 7:30 PM
with special guest
Tony Marcus