Award-winning songwriter and recording artist, Rebecca Troon, has now released her 2nd CD with the great producer, guitarist and songwriter, Kenny Edwards.

Her goal is to be a source of love, inspiration, and healing through music.

As a grateful survivor of "Just about everything!", she considers herself extremely lucky just to be here, and luckier still to get to be a musician.

Rebecca Troon
Award-winning songwriter and recording artist
Performance: Saturday
July 24, 2010, 7:30 PM
What the Critics Say

“Rebecca Troon’s music is passionate, intelligent, inspiring and funny.  “Turning Around”  features some of Santa Barbara’s best musicians and a wonderfully eclectic collection of her best songs.  Rebecca sings like a wild bird, like a poet, a pirate, a siren with the blues.  She writes as only a woman can who has lived life fully and from the heart.”

– Song Tree Concert Series, Goleta California

“I'm glad to know that there are artist out there, like Rebecca who genuinely continue the craft of the vocal artform we know of as the "Singer/Songwriter." "Turning Around" is a joyous meal for the ears. Elusively she plays all musical fields because she can. And why not? Like a great meal each song is a wonderful bite into her world, causing you to wonder what all the spices are that gives this lucious tid bit it's flavor. Let go, be in the moment and Rebecca will do the rest. (What's for dessert?)”

– Edo Castro, Bassist/Composer

“I never get tired of this CD, it has such variety. Rebecca has the voice of a songbird and I love the images she paints with her lyrics.”

– Teri Damron

Listen to Her Music

Go to Rebecca’s MySpace page to listen to some of here music.

Here album and song downloads are available on CD Baby.

Bedtime Rocks, Auburn House Concert 2010

Big Grey Dogs, Auburn House Concert 2010