Stevie Coyle’s performance at the first Auburn House Concerts show in September 2007 started it all. We are having Stevie back a third time so that more of our friends will have a chance to experience this dynamite performer.

Stevie Coyle is the co-founder of the whiz-bang newgrass string band The Waybacks. He's gone solo now, and appears all over the country in house concerts. One astute music reviewer described Stevie's act as, “like watching Leo Kottke, Jorma Kaukonen and David Lindley play mumbledy-peg with Garrison Keillor, Dan Hicks, John Hartford and Rene Descartes in Dave Barry's back yard.” Whatever it is, it's hot fingerstyle acoustic guitar and a rather oblique lyrical and personal view of life in modern times.

Stevie has also performed with Roy Zimmerman as one of The Reagan Brothers at The Improv and The Comedy Store in L.A., and is a former member of The Foremen as well as The Frontmen.

You can hear some samples of his music at or Stevie's MySpace page.

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Stevie Coyle
Performance Saturday 
November 6, 2010, 7:30 PM
What the People Say

“Our recent House Concert with the incomparable Stevie Coyle ranks among the best shows we’ve had. Stevie’s great song writing and amazing guitar playing were complemented by his humor, charm and exceptional rapport with the audience. He’s a dynamite performer and a true professional who left everyone raving about the show. It was truly a wonderful evening and we can’t wait to bring him back.”
—Russ & Julie, Oak Park, CA

“When I speak to people who know The Waybacks, they always appreciate the humor, intelligence, and well . . . well-roundedness! . . . that Stevie brought to the band. As the voice of the band, he gave it a light-hearted seriousness and a walking-on-air groundedness that had broad appeal without being watered down. Sound like lots of contradictions? That’s what you get with a creative, sensitive, expansive, and extremely talented artist such as Stevie.” 
—Polly King, Palmyra, VA

“I recently had the great pleasure of hosting a house concert where Stevie Coyle performed for us. His finger-picking and singing was fabulous, as were the songs he played, mostly originals with some well-chosen covers. On top of being a top-rate guitarist and singer, he is also an outstanding entertainer. He brings a lot of humor to his show, through funny songs, stories, and general chatter with the audience. He really connected with our group, and everyone had a wonderful time. I highly recommend you host his show. You, and everyone there, will be very glad you did.” 
—Bo Russell, Casa Bowl House Concerts, Orlando, FL

Stevie’s third 
Auburn House Concert 
is planned for Fall 2010.
Listen to His Music

A Train Set, Auburn House Concert 2009

More samples may be heard on Stevie’s website as well.

"’Ten-in-One’ has the pioneer spirit of ‘Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band’ or the ‘12 Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus’. There's a surprise around every corner. Like the works of the great musicians—back when they were in the artist business, not the music business—it doesn't fit in any genre; it stretches all over the place, like Silly Putty. There isn't just one joker in this deck: all the cards are twisted. Inquiring minds who like their music to take them new places will love it." 

                   —Brad Kava, Bay Area Critic-At-Large