The Rosin Doctors is a band consisting of Erik Hoffman, Daniel Engle, and Topher Gayle; they play for dances, fairs, festivals, parties, anniversaries, divorces, funerals, etc. Any festive occasion and they’re usually there. Making music for people.

The Rosin Doctors are a prescription for fun! Collectively they have around a hundred years of administering treatments to musical instruments—injecting joy into parties and events. Bringing to the stage a wide variety of musical instruments the Docs present a wide variety of traditional and new music to any happening.

Dan Engle administers shots of fiddle, guitar, mandolin, octave mandolin and claw hammer banjo.

Erik Hoffman provides weekly and daily checkups on guitar, fiddle, mandolin, Jews harp, the Spanish bagpipe (gaita), and percussion.

Topher Gayle operates with surgical precision on mandolin, mandola, mandinator (an instrument he makes!), guitar, percussion and...More Cowbell.

Together they provide doses of music that lift the spirits and get the blood flowing. Great for all occasions!

The Rosin Doctors: Contra Dance Band

Topher Gayle, Erik Hoffman, Dan Engle

Wanna dance? This band makes it difficult to resist! In addition to its driving, foot-moving rhythm, the band is full of fun surprises. You never know what instruments or tunes you might hear!

The individual members are all seasoned musicians with many years of experience playing contra dances and other genres of music. Dan Engle raises temperatures with fiddle, guitar, mandolin, and octave mandolin. Erik Hoffman, well-known as a contra caller, stimulates reflexes on guitar, fiddle, mandolin, percussion, jews harp, bag pipes, saxaphone, and banjo. Topher Gayle quickens the pulse on percussion, 5-string Mandonator™, mandolin, guitar, ukulele, and tenor banjo.

The Rosin Doctors play for dances throughout the San Francisco Bay area.

Custom resonator mandolin family instruments, Topher Gayle’s Mandonators™ (see picture below) are available with 4 or 5 strings and variations in tuning and scale length. I custom build each instrument according to the individual order specifications.

Topher Gayle

Erik Hoffman

The Rosin Doctors
a prescription for fun! 

Bringing you hot tunes, various songs, and more instruments than your average neighborhood music store.
Performance: Sunday
September 27, 2015, 3:00 PM

The Rosin Doctors: Topher Gayle, Erik Hoffman and Dan Engle.

Photograph by Jennifer Sordyl.