President's Message

Sisters, Friends, Colleagues:


In a few weeks, we’ll all be re-setting time as we spring forward, and I find myself thinking a lot about the concept of moving forward, too.


Two months ago, we were all thinking about how to make 2018 the best it can be for ourselves, our families, and our community. Have you made any progress in moving forward on those goals? If not, maybe now is a good time to rethink how you’ll do so.


Here’s a few thoughts:

  • Why did you join our Local BPW, and why do you stay?
  • How do you contribute to our success, or do you at all?
  • What are you willing to do going forward to help us achieve our mission, to get involved, and to get more from your membership?
  • Where will you spend your time over the next ten months to make yourself, your family, and your community a better place?


Spring always reminds me of new. New life. Flowers in bloom. In colder climates, buds on trees. Bringing out the hot weather clothes. Cleaning and freshening our homes. And this year we have a sister with a baby on the way (guess who?), representing hope for our future and the continuing battle for our rights to equality as women.


As my own time leading this group comes to a close, I’m also thinking about how I’ll use the new time I’ll have going forward, to reach my own goals and those of BPW. Every day life changes, and my biggest challenge is in proactively managing those changes. Trying to see any bump in the road as an opportunity to learn and grow. Helping me to roll with the punches life gives. And, to try to see every change as a door closing AND a window opening. It’s not easy when time is far too short.


In closing, how will you challenge yourself and use time wisely in the future? Will you embrace the future and move forward, or stay rooted in the past-and that’s OK too? Regardless of your choices, make them consciously and with good intention, rather than just floating through life. You CAN make a difference, and if we all do, just imagine how we can change our world!


Best wishes for a truly inspiring spring and an awesome rest of 2018!



Liz Illgen


Liz Illgen
President, BPW/St. Petersburg-Pinellas